What to expect

Expect a genuine, non- judgemental, safe and respectful place to explore your thoughts, feelings, experiences and goals.

At The Nurture Foundation we are committed to supporting people experiencing tough times in the knowledge that while life can be challenging it is possible to find a healthy ways to manage adversity.  Counselling validates and empowers people to find their own effective pathways through the various issues that arise through life.

During your first appointment we will discuss your current concerns and how this impacts the different areas of your life. You will have the opportunity to discuss your goals and we will collaborate to create a framework of sessions required to help you find relief and reach your goals.

Whilst progress is a collaborative process the speed at which progress is made is completely in your control. For some it is a gentle and gradual process and for others its more dynamic. It is incredibly important to allow for a natural unfolding so that the insights reached have time to be integrated.

While a sense of ease and progress is expected of every session some people require regular support for more complex issues and others only require one or two sessions to gain the perspectives required to move forward.