Learning TRE

Learning anything new can be a little daunting. Especially learning something that most people haven’t even heard of. So naturally when people arrive to learn TRE for the first time they are feeling a mixture of curiosity and uncertainty.

I teach TRE in 3 hour long sessions to give people a solid foundation so that they can then be equipped to practice on their own.

One of the key benefits of TRE is not having to rely on a practitioner for a reset every time your body experiences stress or pain. TRE empowers you to be your own source of healing and restoration thereby minimizing the need for ongoing treatment.

The exercises are gentle and have been designed to accommodate physical and  psychological limitations. Throw away that  no-pain-no-gain mentality!


In fact to progress

quickly and gain the maximum benefits of TRE I encourage moderation every step of the way. You do not need to be at a certain level of fitness, TRE is suitable for people of any age and any fitness level.

When people ask me to explain the tremoring process I liken it to holding a yoga pose, feeling your body shake and instead of locking into position to stop the tremoring we allow it to move through the body.



Session 1 Befriending the Tremors

When people are tremoring for the first time, it’s a unique blend of unusual familiarity. They have normally felt the tremors in some way before normally during exercise, holding something heavy or even as they fall asleep. It’s just that they haven’t experienced the tremors for an extended period of time, or in such an open way.

Being a new experience and appreciating that people are new to TRE are also analytical, pragmatic and grounded in their approach, it is a strong focus of mine to ensure that significant time is also dedicated to the theoretical aspect of why and how TRE works.

Prior to commencing the exercises a quick health check is performed to ensure that any physical or psychological concerns are addressed and catered for whilst learning. The process is designed to be relatively effortless, in fact one of the key components of TRE is to ensure that the body is always working within its comfort zone and never beyond.

As we learn to allow the neurogenic tremors to naturally arise the sense is that the tremors feel both familiar and foreign all at the same time! With practice the uniqueness of the tremoring gives way to a comfortable sense of relief and reprieve and we finally start to normalize the way our bodies release stress, tension and pain.
In the initial session that people often expect to be in an altered state of consciousness in some way, and are quite surprised to find that they are very much aware throughout the entire process. We talk, we notice where the tremors are, we even laugh at times.



Session 2 Understanding the Tremors

After practicing for a week or two there is often a number of questions about the technique of the exercises and how the tremors move through the body. For some people, their body has really found its tremoring groove and for others it’s a more gradual progression.

It’s really interesting to see how the body opens up to the tremors, in such a short period of time, once it gets the hang of this weird and wonderful way of moving. I love seeing the array of beautiful ways that the body expresses itself. Seeing the intrinsic wisdom of the body in action is truly amazing. You see the body knows what it needs, and the tremors work their way to where they are needed. We experiment with different standing and lying positions to invite the tremors into different areas of the body, thereby opening up new pathways for release.


Session 3 Consolidating the Tremors

Either 1,2 or 3 weeks after the second session, we complete the third session.  This third session is really about tapping into the multitude of possibilities of the practice whilst refining technique and embodied awareness. Any positioning that hasn’t yet been explored, can be done so in this session. By utilising different positions we invite the tremors into different parts of the body to support a more comprehensive release.

Because tremoring is new experience I find that when people are learning their bodies tremor more easily when they are being guided by a skilled practitioner. The brilliance of TRE is that it can be done almost anywhere, anytime. It can be done standing, lying down or seated. Quite often I will do a quick tremor while I’m waiting for the kettle to boil, in bed before I sleep or even in front of the TV at the end of a busy week.

Subsequent sessions

Subsequent sessions can be booked in on an as needed basis

The potential for TRE to address long standing concerns is quite tremendous. It allows people to tap into what is holding them back without the need to discuss or rehash the past. If that comes up and people wish to explore it I have the skills and qualifications to do so, however the majority of the time it’s unnecessary.

The list is extensive and includes, but is not limited to:

Chronic pain
Birth trauma
Childhood issues
Unexplained pain
Shock trauma
Improving resilience
Enhancing relationships
Advancing personal effectiveness
So if you have had a long standing challenge, and have tried everything else, then perhaps TRE might be worth a try. By empowering yourself with a technique that you can use anywhere, anytime, the possibilities are endless.