Did you know that just like we have an inbuilt mechanism in body to deal with stress, tension and trauma?

Just as we have an immune system to deal with unwanted viruses and bacteria we similarly our nervous system has an innate capacity to release shock, overwhelm and tension.

This innate system is in fact observable in all mammals however due to our social conditioning in contemporary society we have lost our ability to access it. Thankfully with a growing awareness of the importance of the mind body connection the natural expression of the nervous system is becoming more valued in the healing process.

TRE or Tension Releasing Exercises utilises a simple set of activating and release positions that engage neurogenic tremors. Safely invoking the tremors and allowing their release helps the nervous system to return to a state of calm and well being.


The benefits of TRE are numerous:

  • Improved sleep
  • Reduced levels of stress and anxiety
  • Less tendency towards irritability, control or anger
  • Enhanced focus and concentration
  • Greater resilience
  • Process and integrate traumatic experiences
  • Healthy self regulation
  • Expanded self awareness, self worth and self compassion
  • More energy and vitality
  • Increased happiness, fulfillment and freedom

The power of the modality is that while you are in conscious control and awareness of the release it bypasses the conscious mind. In this way we do not need to make any intellectual, psychological or emotional connection to a specific event. In fact, when stress or trauma are experienced, the information is stored as sensory fragments making it difficult if not impossible to make conscious sense of what has happened to us in this state of disorganisation. The tremoring process facilitates the expression and reorganisation of these sensory bits of information allowing them to be reorganised and reintegrated without any need for conscious processing. In the event that a memory or experience arises that you do wish to discuss I am easily able to integrate TRE with Counselling on an as needed basis.


Who can benefit from TRE?

  • Anyone with chronic physical or emotional pain
  • People struggling with mental health concerns
  • Anyone going through a tough time such as; grief, relationship breakdown, illness, addiction, sudden change, infertility or childhood dysfunction
  • Individuals of all ages, backgrounds and levels of fitness
  • People who wish to enhance their capacity for love, awareness, happiness and success

Often we recreate old challenges and

If you are interested in finding out more about TRE Australia click here or watch the video below from the founder of TRE David Bercelli.

TRE has been one of the most profound tools that I have personally and professionally used to support people to a greater level of personal expansion and success. It helps to release old patterns of stress, unhelpful coping strategies and outmoded ways of being.

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