TRE Individual

Individual sessions are recommended for those who have specific concerns that they wish to address, experience anxiety or depression and those who simply prefer to learn 1-to-1.

Often the people who come to see me have tried many modalities without success or have had extensive counselling but still have lingering patterns of worry, stress, anxiety, tension, trauma or depression. This is because the tension is not stuck in our minds it is stuck in our physiology.

When we discuss together the way the nervous system accumulates stress and how this manifests in our daily experience it brings much relief and understanding. Further exploring how we keep cycling between greater and lesser states of intensity and even more importantly how to come out of them provides a useful framework to achieve the balance we have been looking for.

Individual sessions are for those who:

  • prefer the privacy to discuss their unique situation
  • may have a history of significant trauma, do not wish to discuss their past in detail and would benefit with focused support
  • have tried TRE before and have hit a plateau in their practice

While we accept that life is full of up’s and down’s we are not designed to permanently live in states of high intensity and TRE is an amazing tool for self regulation.

The ongoing use of TRE has many advantages:

  • increased aliveness and vitality
  • reduced physical pain and tension
  • improved levels of resilience
  • increased levels of peace and wellbeing
  • reduction of symptoms of physical ailments
  • improved ability to create and achieve success

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