Counselling is more than a good conversation.
Counselling provides a safe opportunity to explore what’s happening, what matters and what’s meaningful. It’s all to easy to get caught up in our heads circling around interactions, options and consequences that making sense of the incredible complexities of our lives becomes near impossible.
Trying to sift through our thoughts and emotions on our own can become overwhelming at times. Friends and family, as much as they love us, struggle to be impartial, are not always good listeners and offer us solutions that may be appropriate for them but just don’t fit who we are.

A good counselling session is guided by a skilled and qualified professional who will support you towards finding your truth and wisdom. They help to amplify the parts of ourselves that we often dismiss or overlook. Great shifts in perspective occur and insights gained into areas previously misunderstood often by simply being heard. Truly and completely heard.

Other valuable aspects of counselling include understanding frameworks of behaviour related to your concerns or the development of new skills relevant to overcoming your challenges.
Having worked extensively with the body and the psyche for almost twenty years the profound physical release of emotional pain can be positively life changing. Sometimes the expression is felt gently through a change in temperature and other times it can be more noticeable through twitching, shaking or deep breathing.

Life can be tough, really tough and when we push the tough stuff down we get stuck, our patterns get repeated, our relationships suffer, our careers stall and our passion for life fizzles.
The simple act of expressing in a confidential, safe and respectful way allows for your experience to be honoured, truth to be revealed, decisions to be reached and peace to return. Possibly even joy is rediscovered.
So allow me to sit with you awhile, ease the burden, hang on tight when it gets hard and nurture you through your return to peace.