Here we are in April already, Easter is upon us and whilst we are a quarter of the way through the year it seems like it has passed in the blink of an eye.
Traditionally Easter is a religious celebration and regardless of whether you are actively engaging in religious practices it is still a useful time to be reminded of the significance of the symbolism of Easter.
The Easter Egg represents new life. I think of it as cracking the outer shell of our former selves in order to discover fresh new aspects of who we truly are. Letting go of the comfortable and familiar parts of ourselves really does take a leap of faith. It takes effort and willingness to break free of the parts of us that have become limiting. The subsequent discovery and adaptation to the new aspects of ourselves can be both daunting and liberating but ultimately the effort proves to be far more satisfying than staying stuck in what no longer serves us.
What is it that you might choose to let go of?
Where do you feel stuck? How can you break free to emerge more completely into who you truly are?
What do you need to support that leap of faith?
Likewise the Easter Bunny represents the blessings of new life. As rabbits usually give birth to a large litter of babies called kittens the Easter Bunny is said to bring brightly decorated eggs to denote renewal. Origins date back to the 1700’s from the German tradition of the Easter bunny (or Oschter Haws). The Oschter Haw delivers brightly coloured eggs in a basket or deposits the eggs in a nest made by children overnight similar to the tradition of Father Christmas. Bringing a timely remind to reflect upon what we truly wish to bring to our lives.
As we move into the cooler months it is the perfect opportunity to consider the preparations that can be made to provide fertile ground for something worthwhile to take root.
Is there a new habit that you wish to foster?
Is it time to undertake some study?
Or perhaps its the perfect time to take an art class to replenish the soul rather than always being task oriented?
So while you are cracking open the chocolatey goodness on Easter Sunday take some time to pause and consider the sweetness that you wish to actualize in your daily life.
Make a plan, make a timeline and make it happen for while the bounty of Easter Bunny is lovely to look forward to life can be so much more satisfying when we deliberately diffuse our lives with deliciousness
Happy Easter!