Simple-to-learn and easy-to-use TRE (or Tension Release Exercises) has been around for over 20 years and is taught in over 45 countries worldwide. In this workshop, held over 2 evenings, we will explore:

  • The role of the nervous system in health and wellness
  • How psychological stress and physical tension can accumulate over time
  • How to access the body’s natural unwinding mechanism
  • What it feels like to shift long-held tension directly from the nervous system
  • How to incorporate regular practice to amplify results
Tuesday 26th & Wednesday 27th March
6:00PM – 9:00PM AEST
Online, Via Zoom


Wear loose comfortable clothing, have a space with a yoga mat, pillows and blanket for comfort and water bottle. You may also like to have a journal and pen. Notes will be emailed after the workshop.

About this event

  • Have you been struggling with stress for longer than you can remember?
  • Do you find it hard to wind down or relax?
  • Perhaps you just want to feel a little more settled in yourself?
  • Or maybe even more connected to your life and those you care about?
  • Do you want to learn a simple yet powerful stress relief technique?

We live in an overstimulated and demanding world. Many of us live with constant and sometimes chronic levels of stress. These increasing levels of stress and tension close us down and keep all of the things we want more of in life just out of reach.

Physical and psychological contraction unconsciously restricts our access to our innate growth, healing and restoration systems.

Do you ever feel like the meditation/ talk therapy/ yoga doesn’t quite work?

I have to admit I have done a lot of the above and more. I have tried just about everything to heal my own trauma, and everything has its benefit but so many of these approaches are reliant on the practitioner leading the process.

The other element is that these processes are often conscious mind driven, but we know with the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience that nervous system lead healing is often far more profound than cognitively driven approaches.

The most powerful aspect of TRE is that it accesses and releases stress, tension and even long held trauma from the body without the need for cognitive involvement other than learning how to switch on and moderate how much is moving through in any one session.

TRE is surprisingly accessible for anyone of any age and any fitness level and whilst it is not a replacement for professional support many people utilize TRE as a self-care technique that goes beyond traditional mind or body-based practices.

Why People Love TRE

  • They sleep better
  • Feel calmer and clearer
  • Have reduced muscle tension
  • Find they have an increased capacity to manage stress and challenge
  • Discover increased creativity
  • Are more grounded and resilient
  • Life just gets better

This Introductory Course will enable you to utilize TRE in daily life and is a prerequisite for the upcoming Global Certification Training program commencing early May 2024. If you love TRE as much as I do and want to learn how to teach this incredible and empowering process to others, you can find out more information about the Global Certification Training visit

About Emiline

Having worked with people for over 25 years in health, wellness and transformation Emiline brings a diverse and rich level of experience to this work. Qualifications include BA Couns, Dip Rem Massage, Dip Meditation Teaching, Counselling Supervisor, TRE Global Certified Trainer and Provider.

As someone who has experienced childhood, developmental and relational trauma she understands the impacts of trauma as well as what it is like to navigate through the recovery process.

Final Thoughts

I have taught TRE to individuals and groups for 7 years now and the changes I see in people are phenomenal, especially when people practice on a regular basis. They become more grounded and able to face the complexities of life, they start to free themselves from long held anxiety, they discover more resilience and ability to back themselves, things that have bothered them ease off and health conditions that have plagued people for years become less burdensome.

Even more incredible is that the more that you continue to release the more you find new layers of openness, groundedness, connection, growth, expansion and fulfillment.

What I know to be true is that the body is our best guide and TRE is an incredible means to listen to and give expression to what has been held within for years and sometimes decades.

To find out more listen to this enlightening podcast describing your bodies exceptional capacity to resolve stress tension and even trauma utilising TRE